About The Broker - Mike Turner

About the Broker: 

Mike Turner’s residential real estate career began in 2004, and he has managed and operated his own real estate brokerage since 2007.  Prior to working in real estate, Mike held management and leadership roles in both a Fortune 500 company and as a Military Officer.  

Mike’s first successful business was company he started at the age of 16, which grew in size and scope until he was able to sell it to pay for college where he earned a Degree in Business Administration.  

Mike’s love of marketing and helping others has played a crucial role in the success of Front Street Brokers. 

Mike has been the host in a weekly real estate radio show over the past five years, and he is the editor of the Boise Real Estate Weekly and the Boise Agent Weekly.  As a real estate agent, makes it a priority to have an expert level of knowledge of local market housing trends and changes, and is often called upon by local media to share his opinions and insights to the market. 

Trivia: Prior to working in real estate, Mike worked for few years on movies and TV shows around the world as a Camera Boat Operator and Marine Logistics Coordinator, including the TV series “Survivor”.  Mike has been married for 16 years, and has two daughters, ages 6 and 8. Mike loves to go on adventures with his family and mountain bike in the Boise Foothills. Mike's wife, Amanda is a successful writer and her books have it the NY Times Bestsellers. She has 2 blogs: AKTurner.com and VagabondingWithKids.com

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