About Front Street Brokers

About Front Street Brokers

Formerly known as Turner Real Estate Group, the company was re-branded to Front Street Brokers (aka FS Brokers), when moving to one of the busiest street corners in Boise. From the beginning the goal of FS Brokers was to develop a reputation in Boise as a real estate office that is known for their superior knowledge of the marketplace, their good-natured approach to working with clients, and their innovative marketing efforts to sell homes. The first thing agents who work at Front Street hear from the owner is that above all else, do the right thing, put your clients and colleagues before yourself, because this business is about the long game, not short-term gains. The reputation of our firm is our most valuable asset and therefore taken very seriously. 

FS Brokers is a small firm consisting currently of 15 full-time agents. However, we are happy to report that even though we are small in comparison to other firms, we carry a marketing impact greater than some of the largest brokerages in town. Having one of the most visible offices in the area, combined with our weekly newsletters, radio shows, top 10 real estate website and media appearances, FS Brokers is the 800-pound gorilla of real estate companies in Idaho.

Our prevailing marketing efforts can also be seen in our listing marketing. Many sellers believe that real estate agents’ abilities to market their listings are all fairly similar. That they predominately rely on MLS traffic and other real estate sites to get traffic to their homes. However, we can prove that we can offer listing marketing on a whole different class that is typically seen with 99.9% of active agents. 

Creative and Effective Marketing is the biggest area of separation from the industry norms you will see with FSB.  In fact, if something is an industry norm, FSB likes to purposefully question the practice to see if there might be a better way.   FSB often studies other industries to see what marketing practices are working well, and then will test those practices in the real estate market.  The real estate industry is often 3 to 5 years behind many other industries in regard to effective marketing practices.  FSB has noticed that new marketing technology is not always the most effective, but rather, the key is to focus marketing efforts with the right message, through effective delivery channels that get noticed.

“We are definitely an outside-the-box real estate firm,” says the Broker of FSB.  “But when we look at what we do different, we are often surprised that more brokerages don’t operate the way we do.  We feel our methods just make good common sense.  The funny thing is, we are often considered radically different by our peers.  I like to think we are radically effective.”