Quote: “Technology Can, In Fact, Replace Quite a Few REALTORS”

The Myth About The Irreplaceable Realtor 

“Technology Can, In Fact, Replace Quite a Few REALTORS”
This is a quote from Rob Hahn a popular real estate industry blogger and he recently wrote an article about Technology replacing a HUGE number of Realtors. 

Here is a clip from his article, The Myth About The Irreplaceable Realtor
First of all, let’s be honest here for a moment. Technology can easily replace quite a few REALTORS.

I wasn’t making it up when I said I’ve been on stage with Steve Murray when he talked about the conflict between Counselors and Facilitators. Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS posted a fairly lengthy report on Murray’s talk on this topic. Read it in full.

Murray thinks that Counselors have higher production on average, invest in their skills, training, systems, and work to advance their expertise. They understand the market, the community, and the transaction process as a whole. They bring more value to the transaction and to the client, because they are mentally engaged to work better and to deliver higher quality service.
Facilitators on the other hand, says Murray, “can process a sales transaction well but are not in position to add more value from a consulting standpoint.” He thinks Facilitators are not engaged in the business, don’t invest the time and energy to grow their business, advance their expertise, or to improve their skills. They don’t adopt technology as readily. And this is the killer money quote:
  • Because of their lack of expertise, they are not in a position to offer as much in the way of true guidance to their clients and customers.
  • They generally lack transaction experience and are not skilled in the details of either the market or the transaction.
Murray thinks, and I sort of agree, that “of the 1.1 million REALTORS®, he expects there are probably 150,00-200,000 counselors in the real estate business.” Roughly 20% of the total.

So the thing is, I agree 100% with Steve Murray when he says technology will never replace a REALTOR, if what he really means is “Counselor”. If he means Facilitator, then sorry, I don’t care if they have the golden R tattooed on their foreheads; they can be replaced by technology, and frankly, should be.

You can see that Rob Hahn is not afraid of pissing off the powers that be in the Realtor organization.  The way I read it, he just said that 80% of the Realtors can and should be replaced by Technology.  That is a Bold statement. 

I recommend you read the article in full because he makes a compelling argument.

My question to you is what type of Realtor are you? 

A Counselor or a Facilitator?